Extend Your Marketing With Text Messaging

EnFlyer's text marketing feature is an instant marketing tool that gives you a easy way to reach your customers in seconds with text/sms messages. Use one of the simplest text messaging platforms on the market to enhance your customer's experience with email marketing, social media and other marketing channels.

Easy to Use

There is no experience required. Import or sync your contacts in just a few steps. Create and send your message in minutes.

Reach More Customers

Enhance your social media and email marketing campaigns with text marketing to reach and engage more of your customers.

Excellent Support

EnFlyer support will assist you with any part of setting up your contact list, creating a message or sending your text messaging campaigns. We're here to help.

Convenient and Effective Marketing

Text Message Marketing is a convenient and effective way to quickly communicate with your customers and build loyalty. Since text messages have more of a personal feel, they can be used to send your customers information about a flash sale, a thank you message or a pop-up event. Customers also respond to text messages at a higher rate than most other forms of marketing. EnFlyer's text marketing tool includes helpful features that you will love:
  • Customize and save messages
  • Text campaign reporting
  • "Do not text" list manager
  • Import contacts from your CRM
  • Rent keywords to build lists
  • Textable local numbers for rental
  • Schedule messages to send later
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Reply notification and manager
  • Text the U.S. and Canada

Ready to Engage Your Customers?

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