Nightclub & Lounge Marketing

Is your club packed every night of the week?

A great atmosphere, fantastic drinks, and the best DJs in the world won't fill your club if you don't tell past patrons. If you own a club, promote a club, or pour a drink, you know that you need to tell that certain group of people what is going on, and somehow the rest of the city will find out. That is viral marketing. And the best form of viral marketing is email.

With the click of a button, you can instantly send an email campaign to the right group of people, which will forward that email to more people, and increase the revenues of YOUR club.

With EnFlyer, You Can:

  • Impress past patrons with multi-media promotions that reflects the image you want to project.
  • Send last minute promotions for that extra push.
  • Take advantage of viral marketing as your promotion is forwarded to friends and friends-of-friends.
  • Save money on promoting your club to your target market.


EnFlyer is the recognized leader in email marketing.

At EnFlyer we realize how important communicating to your existing customer base is. That is why we designed EnFlyer's seamless email marketing program. In fact, there is no other tool more efficient than email marketing for customer retention.


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