Marketing for Promoters

How do you keep your exclusive VIP list informed of your upcoming parties and events?

If you are a promoter, it is your job to tell large specific groups of people exactly what is going on and why they need to be there. And you need to get those people to listen to what you are saying. A full-color multimedia email, delivered directly to YOUR list, or lists, is the most cost-effective and easiest way to make that happen.

With EnFlyer, you can quickly and efficiently create great looking promotions that can be sent to one group of people or many groups of people with a few keystrokes.

With EnFlyer, You Can:

  • Impress your VIPs with multi-media promotions that reflect the image you want to project.
  • Send effective promotions out quickly.
  • Save money on promoting your parties and events to your target market.

EnFlyer is the recognized leader in email marketing.

At EnFlyer we realize how important communicating to your existing customer base — that is why we designed EnFlyer's seamless email marketing program. In fact, there is no other tool more efficient than email marketing for customer retention. NONE!




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