Marketing for Real Estate

Have new property listings to promote? How about an open house or a new mortgage program?

For real estate professionals, Email marketing and text marketing are two of the best ways to get the word out about offers and listings. Sending an email newsletter to your existing clients allows you keep them updated about available properties and provide them with helpful resources. Providing information that your clients find helpful will build confidence in the services you are providing and increase the chances of them sharing your emails with others. Staying in touch is key for real estate agents because it is likely to result in referrals and repeat business.

Text messaging campaigns can also build relationships with existing and potential clients. The ability to notify hundreds, even thousands of people in seconds can be useful for short-notice events, reminders and referral contests.

Here are some common online marketing ideas used by real estate professionals:
  • Share helpful service reviews and testimonials.
  • Share home maintenance tips.
  • Promote local community causes or charity events.
  • Share tips for financing options.
  • Share market trends and opportunities.
  • Announce awards for client referrals.

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